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  • In 2007 when I left the corporate world, my goal was to help small local businesses create a marketing plan that would work for them. This would push me to explore new opportunities, learn more about my clients and understand all advertising media platforms.

    One of my first clients was a travel magazine. This is where I created my first website, designed a media kit, secured hotels to distribute the magazine, sold advertisements into the magazine, designed the ads, laid out the magazine, and distributed the magazine once it was printed and shipped. What a learning experience and a great time to build relationships.  After almost 2 years of working solely with the magazine I started adding clients through the friendships and relationships I had built while in the corporate world and my love for Rotary.

    In 2011 I was named one of the Top Women to Watch by the Summerville Journal Scene.  What a honor to be included this this prestigious publication.

    For over 11 years I have been very active with the Rotary Club of Summerville. I have earned several awards with this club - Outstanding First Year Rotarian, Rotarian of the Year, and Distinguished Leadership. There's one club award that eludes me; however, it is only awarded to Rotarians that have been a member of the club for at least 20 years. I've got 9 more years of service before I can even be considered for this award. Nevertheless, I've won awards in our district for our House of Friendship Display, Facebook/Social Media for Large Clubs.

    As I celebrate 10 years of business ownership I can recall the days of building websites with html code only, buying multiple domains, keyword stuffing and all the other ideas we had.  Those days are long gone.

    The digital world has evolved into a multi-billion dollar business. Today brick and mortar stores are loosing market share to on-line shopping, groceries can be ordered and put in your car right in the parking lot, and household supplies can delivered directly to your front door. All these changes are convenient, yet I often wonder where has the personal contact gone, will we ever get that back? 

    I guess you could call me "old school" because I still want good customer service and I can appreciate a personal touch! From my very first job (age 7 - picking up and delivering groceries to senior citizen in our community for $0.25) I always wanted to go above and beyond what was expected of me. To this day I still strive to give the very best customer service, go above and beyond what is expected and value the friends, clients and partnerships I have worked so hard to cultivate.